Clermont Forum II Interpreting Clermont’s History Through Art / Opening Tomorrow !

We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow at the opening!


Clermont Forum II

Clermont Forum II Interpreting Clermont’s History Through Art

The Rotating History Project (Heather Rounds and Teddy Johnson), in cooperation with the Trustees of The Clermont Foundation and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, is presenting a multi-media arts exhibition entitled The Clermont Forum II: Interpreting Clermont’s History Through Art. This is Clermont’s second interpretive forum and the fourth conceived exhibition by the Rotating History Project.

The six-week exhibit is scheduled to open Saturday, April 12, 2014, at Clermont, a 360-acre farmstead at Berryville in Clarke County, Virginia, in the northern Shenandoah Valley. A state historic site currently under intensive study, the farm consists of a well-preserved complex of buildings ranging in date from 1755 to the mid-twentieth century and remains a working farm, involved with local food production and university-related historic and agricultural education. The farm was divided from the 5.5 million acre Fairfax Proprietary in 1750, based on a survey conducted on October 19 of that year by the 18-year old George Washington.

Clermont Forum II includes fourteen visual artists—some local and some national—working in a broad range of mediums, to explore and create interpretive and site-specific works that draw on any number of the topics relevant to Clermont’s history. Topics include agriculture and rural life, African American and Native American history, women’s roles, architecture and material culture. The artworks will be installed in multiple locations on the property, including in The Owner’s House (1755-1970), The Slave and Farm Worker’s House (1823), The Smoke House (1802), The Bank Barn (1917), and the surrounding grounds.

The Artists:

Lauren Frances Adams
Michael Benevento
Anne Bouie
Laura Cherry
Elizabeth Crisman
Oletha DeVane
Todd R. Forsgren
Carrie Fucile
Chris Mona
Sally Myers
Doug Pifer
Jamea Richmond-Edwards
Andrew Shenker
Melissa Webb

Curators: The Rotating History Project (Teddy Johnson and Heather Rounds)

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 12th 3pm-7pm
Including musical performances by Anetra Summers and Madeline MacNeil

Panel and Artist’s talks: Saturday, April 12th 3 pm-7pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, May 31st 3pm-7pm



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