Clermont Forum II, Art In Progress 10: Lauren Adams

Lauren Adams with her work at Clermont.

Lauren Adams with her work at Clermont.

We are quite impressed with Lauren Adam’s installation of paintings at Clermont. We at the RHP  have heard about her progress and the depth in which she has investigated the pervasive role of slavery through the eras.

She said this at the time of first receiving the Clark Hulings Award:

“At the center of my work is a concern with what defines American identity. As Bruce Nauman once said, ‘art is a means of acquiring an investigative attitude.’ Continuing this exploration, the upcoming project with the Rotating History Project at the Clermont Farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has afforded me the opportunity to make a new site-specific body of work. Alongside seven other artists, I will make archival inquiries into the layered history of the former plantation farm: once a pre-Columbian Native American hunting ground, then famously surveyed by George Washington, then a successful slave-holding farm, and now a whisper of its past selves. I have been given the original 1755 sitting room of the house for an immersive installation, which I am still developing but will involve painting and image-making.” Ms. Adams received a $4,500 grant.

Now that we have seen the work we are impressed with the depth of it’s investigation, the physical beauty of the objects and the seriousness of the installation as a whole. This is an installation that will continue to reveal things the longer we spend with it.

Thanks, Lauren.

This upcoming exhibit, Clermont Forum II, will open to the public the Saturday April 12th, will run until May 31, and will include an artist’s panel on April 26th. This exhibit is curated by the Rotating History Project in partnership with the Clermont Foundation and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

About the Artist:

Lauren Frances Adams is a faculty member at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has had recent solo exhibitions at Back Lane West, Cornwall, UK; Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; and Conner Contemporary, Washington, D.C. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions including: Nymans House, Sussex, UK; CUE Foundation, New York; Mattress Factory and the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA. Awards include the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Award. She has held artist residencies including the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and Skowhegan.


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