Clermont, Art In Progress 8: Anne Bouie

Detail of "I'll Fly Away" by Anne Bouie

Detail of “I’ll Fly Away” by Anne Bouie

For Miss Josephine, by Anne Bouie

“For Miss Josephine,” by Anne Bouie

We have been really impressed with the scope of Anne Bouie’s artwork. It is powerful work and we are excited for its installation at Clermont. Multiple mixed media works will speak to those who were enslaved at Clermont in addition to African American folklore.  This upcoming exhibit, Clermont Forum II, will open to the public April 12th, will run until May 31, and will include an artist’s panel on April 26th. This exhibit is curated by the Rotating History Project in partnership with the Clermont Foundation and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.


About the Artist:

Anne Bouie has exhibited at the Honfluer Gallery, Galerie Myrtis, the Nevin Kelly Gallery, Millennium Salon, D.C. Arts Center, and the Capitol Hill Arts League, as well as in Chicago, Louisville, KY, Charleston, SC, San Francisco, Ohio, PA, and New Delhi, India. She was awarded an Honorable Mention at the Recreate Exhibit in San Francisco, and the Wally Szyndler Memorial Award by the Capitol Hill Arts League. Her work is included in the Washington DC Arts and Humanities Art Bank, the collection of Neil and Juanita Hartburger, and that of Dr. Diane Whitfield Locke. She attended the University of California at Riverside, California, and earned a Ph.D. in Administration & Policy Analysis in Education, an M.A. in Secondary Education, and an M.A. in African-American History, all from Stanford University, and currently resides in the District of Columbia.


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