Clermont, Art In Progress 4 Continued: Michael Benevento and Andrew Shenker

2013-10-05 16.47.48

Andrew Shenker and Michael Benevento returned to Clermont again last week to finalize work on their 20ft highway sculpture for  the upcoming exhibit Clermont Forum II, opening to the public April 12th and running until May 31. This exhibit is curated by the Rotating History Project in partnership with the Clermont Foundation and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. This sculpture was begun on Farm Day in fall 2013 and will remain on site until the end of the exhibit.


About the Artists:

Andrew Shenker:

Through a practice of writing and drawing, videography, and curation, Baltimore-based Andrew Shenker attempts to remain at the thresholds of sleeping, waking, and dreams, keeping to a skin-depth vulnerability of touch and endless sifting – which cannot help but to disturb a neutral, distant character of observation. The various threads of his work move with a childlike, collaborative, poetic, layered rhythm, toward a nameless and uncertain time of memory’s reception. Shenker’s installations and films have been exhibited at the EMP, School 33, the Current Gallery and at the Carroll Mansion in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2010, he co-curated Hope Against Hope, a site-specific exhibition at Baltimore’s historical Phoenix Shot Tower. His 2012 film Local Time: A Problem of Memory was part of the Rotating History Project’s Down Through the Needle’s Eye exhibition.

Michael Benevento is an artist and curator living in Baltimore, MD. From 2005 to present, Benevento has been the co-director of Current Space, an artist run gallery, studio, and performance space located amongst a cluster of vacant buildings in downtown Baltimore. He co-curates The Koban Project, a defunct police surveillance station that has been converted into a temporary public sculpture space. After relocating from Houston, Texas, Benevento received his BFA in 2005 from The Maryland Institute College of Art.


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