Call for Art

The Rotating History Project is taking proposals for its Spring show, Same River Twice, to be held on April 23th, 2011, at the GSpot–2980 Falls Road, Baltimore MD.

This multimedia show will serve as a case study of the Jones Falls, the mills that were built along its banks and the people and culture that emerged as a consequence of industry and development. With this as an over arching theme, emphasis will be placed on the relationship between industrial development and the watershed environment, spanning from the 1600s onward to present day. The show will include visual art, music, performance, multimedia, and writing, The audience for the show is meant to include any and all of the communities that surround the Jones Falls, including businesses, art patrons and practitioners, motorists, nature seekers, and residents. The show is part of a larger group of happenings called the Rotating History Project, founded by Teddy Johnson and Heather Rounds. Their first project, The Child Ballads, was held at the GSpot in September of 2010.

Proposals for all visual mediums are now being accepted, including (but not limited to) 2D, 3D, performance pieces and video.

Proposals should be sent via email and include a description of the intended project in 250 words or less. Please include the proposal description in the body of the email, rather than as an attachment. Sending a resume is optional. Preference will be given to proposed artwork that best contributes to the overall vision/theme of the project, as well as the general mission of the Rotating History Project (see the *About Us* section to the right). Artists may choose to include attachments of jpeg images of proposed work or jpegs of up to 5 previous works. Art related to performance or video may be submitted via mail on a DVD.


All proposals and jpegs should be emailed by January 10.

All DVDs must be postmarked by January 6th and mailed to Attn: Heather Rounds, 1701 North Gay Street, Baltimore, MD 21213.

An image of the final works will be included in a book, dedicated to artworks and writings related to the theme. This book will be for sale on the night of the event. For this reason, a high-resolution jpeg image of all finished art works must be submitted by March 17th.

For those interested in submitting written works, please see call for submission post below.


Don’t know a lot about the history of the Jones Falls and its environs? No worries! For potential sources of inspiration and information, check out the historical notes included in the post below and visit the provided links.

For a good introduction into Jones Falls mill history and its culture, check out the The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History, Edited by Elizabeth Lee, Linda Shopes, Linda Zeidman, Chapter 3 Hampden-Woodberry: Baltimore’s Mill Villages, Edited by Bill Harvey

Arcadia publishes dozens of easy to find, informative pictorial histories of Baltimore.

You might also visit the Maryland Historical Society:

Questions? Send them to


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